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Kitchen Counter

Over the weekend, sitting at the counter at Deli Lane, flipping through my tarot cards. Realized I have done this before...

I met Gabriel while dowsing at the counter at Joffrey's. It was my escape when things were rough at my mom's house, and I needed an out.  Armando and his family, and later Gabriel, created a safe space for me at the counter.

Kitchen counters have always been a place of comfort and magick for me though.  As a kid, I used to be up on my knees on the stool at my grandmother's counter. I did my homework there. I colored and painted and created there. I watched her and learned to cook from my perch.  It's where I've always gone to create, explore and learn for all of my life.

So this weekend, while I waited for LJ, I perused my card with an open heart-mind, ready to receive whatever the Universe has to teach me. There are so many lessons at this kitchen counter.